The Internet has failed me

On 5 January 1980, “I Still Have Dreams” by Richie Furay was at #87. 

The Internet has failed me.  I’m not sure how this has happened, but despite all the resources available on the Internet, I can’t find a copy of “I Still Have Dreams” by Richie Furay.  It’s not on Youtube, there isn’t an article about it on Wikipedia, and copies of the cd cost upward of $50, which is more than I’m willing to spend for one blog entry.  Somehow the Internet passed this song by; I can find songs by obscure German goth bands (like “All That I Wanted” by Belfegore), and I can find music by Ricky Gervaise before he was Ricky Gervaise (“Bitter Heart” by Seona Dancing), but I can’t find a minor hit by the guy who did “Ooh Ooh Child”.  What has the world come to?

It makes me feel like it’s 1994 again.  In 1994, the Internet was an information wild west:  all sorts of things were out there, but all sorts of things weren’t out there and when you went out in search of information, you never knew what you would find, if you would find anything at all.  Downloading music was taking life into your own hands:  you’d go to a file sharing site, and if you were lucky there was something — anything — you found interesting, and then you had to hope that whatever it was wouldn’t destroy your computer.  There was the thrill of discovery and the tense anticipation as you listened to the whole track to find that it wasn’t corrupted or wasn’t some horrible remix.  Now, most any song is available from Amazon for $0.89 to $1.99 (though not quite everything; I keep a list of songs I can’t find, “Bitter Heart” by Seona Dancing included).  Of course being able to find nearly anything legally is a good thing — it’s true of books and other media as well as music — but the thrill of the hunt is gone.  So now, when I want/need to find a minor hit and it’s not available, I don’t take it as a challenge any more.  Instead, I shrug my shoulders and move on to the next track.  Some of the romance of the Internet is dead.

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