Blast it… I missed one

I thought I’d finished with the first week of 1980, and going over my spreadsheet, I noticed I skipped a peak song.  Regardless, I’ll do a wrap-up of this first week, and then go back and pick up a foreigner tune.

So, the first week of 1980 was about as rocky as I thought it would be; a couple gems in The Police and M, a few pleasant surprises, and a whole lot of drivel in the form of ballads and disco nonsense.  And this has taken me several months, much longer than I had expected.  The good news is that because this was the first week in the year, I had to cover a lot more songs than I otherwise would have, because I was catching a lot on their way down from a 1979 peak.  The bad news is that the next week of 1980 still has 14 songs for me to cover, and it looks like the gem-to-dross ratio is going to be about the same.  So, nose to the grindstone, here comes some Foreigner….

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