Most of all, I do love you

commodores-still-motown-3.jpgOn 12 January 1980, “Still” by The Commodores was at #6.  It peaked at #1 in 1979.

Still” by The Commodores is something of a lesson in being wary of what you wish for.  You may have noticed by now that I complain a lot about popular music having only two tempos:  the disco 120 beats per minute dance and the much slower intimate sway.  “Still” is slower still.  This thing is a stripped down slow dance with every dulcet tone waiting just that extra half-beat before emerging from the piano.  I can’t tell if the notes are reluctant or anxious to get into the open air, but either way the effect is curious:  what should be a straight-forward smooth ballad feels like a choppy, lumbering song, almost a dirge.  This is somewhat fitting, given that the song’s about a love turned sour, but by the same token, it’s awkward to listen to.  Right to that last, slightly delayed, almost sickeningly moist “still” I get goose bumps, and not the oh-this-is-so-sexy kind, more like the this-falls-in-the-uncanny-valley kind.  So, I’ll pass on this one; I’m not offended by it, but it feels creepy listening to it.

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