Dancing in the strange light

DollarShootingStar.pngOn 19 January, 1980, “Shooting Starby Dollar peaked at #74.

Every genre, no matter how much I like or dislike them, will have its high points and its low points.  I’ve already celebrated some Southern rock and a rap song, two genres I generally don’t like.  Now it’s time to speak ill of some new wave; namely “Shooting Star” by a really wimpy British band called Dollar.

Dollar had a handful of hits in Britain, starting with “Shooting Star” in 1978.  For some reason, it took over a year for “Shooting Star” to show up on the charts Stateside.  Meanwhile, Dollar had three more hit singles in the UK, and then had another two albums that sound even new wavier than this song does.  But with a year-long gap between releases on the two sides of the Atlantic, and a lackluster #74 peak for this, the American market picked up on livelier and better new wave before Dollar had another chance.

“Shooting Star” isn’t awful; it’s just unremarkable.  It’s about, well… friendly dancing aliens on a comet or something.  The music is suitably space agey, but understated enough to be unmemorable.  The singing is mediocre — not that poor singing completely dooms a song, but it needs to be accompanied by something truly memorable.  So this is a scant serving of meh, filling the space between disco and easy listening songs.  Not much to see here.

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