She said she don’t love me anymore

Peter_Brown_-_StargazerOn 19 January, 1980, “Stargazer” by Peter Brown peaked at #59.

I get the feeling that for the few months that people remembered “Stargazer” by Peter Brown, it was a popular pick for prom slow dances and maybe even first dances at weddings.  Not that it’s an appropriate song for budding romance or for a lifelong commitment — it’s about a woman who gives up on her stargazer boyfriend because he’s too distant and complicated for her to figure out, let alone live with.  But it’s got that sway from side to side slow jam feel to it that makes it perfect dark-room-illuminated-only-by-motes-of-light-from-the-disco-ball dance floor fodder that more creative DJs would bring out when they’ve gotten totally sick of the more obvious options that get girls to get their more awkward, or macho, boyfriends out onto the dance floor.  It has a little bit of that oily cheese feeling that so many desperate love songs have, and I kind of get the sense that Peter Brown is trying really hard to convince everyone he’s Freddy Mercury…

…and yet I kinda like it.  It doesn’t sound like any of the other slow songs we’ve had to deal with up to now, and it’s not in that super-polished perfect tone that makes so much popular music too slip.  I actually feel that Peter Brown is torn between the agony of losing his girl and being the stargazer dreamer whatever-he-is that he is.  You can tell from how he’s singing that he’s going to call her bluff (assuming it’s a bluff) and be the guy he is, not the guy she wants him to be.  He’s his own man, and you can hear him walking off — alone — into the moonlight, even if she does secretly want one last dance with him.


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