This is a real rise morning

HerbAlpertRotationOn 26 January, 1980, “Rotation” by Herb Alpert peaked at #30.

I feel kind of bad for radio DJs in the last weeks of 1979 and early weeks of 1980.  They had two Herb Alpert songs drifting around the top 40 — “Rotation” and “Rise” (which I covered a few entries back) — which means they must have had to play one or the other more or less every hour and a half or so.  That’s far too much Herb Alpert for normal people to be exposed to.

It’s not that Herb is particularly bad, it’s just that there’s only so much pointless noodling one can take.  His instrumentals don’t really get much of anywhere, and that’s particularly true of “Rotation”.  It’s an uninspiring credit-roll synthesizer rhythm backing track over which Herb plays a trumpet with no particular goal in mind and without a particularly interesting journey along the way.  Just aimless drifty blares that are about as nutritious to your ears as caramel is to your digestive system — pleasant but lacking in substance.

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