That’s more than I should ask

H&OWaitForMe.pngOn 26 January, 1980, “Wait For Me” by Hall & Oates peaked at #18.

I’ll admit that Hall & Oates is often a guilty pleasure for me.  It may be because I lived in Philadelphia for a while — one usually picks up on the local popular culture and adopts it as one’s own — but by the time I was in Philly, Hall & Oates were no longer dominating the local charts, let alone the national ones. It may be because so much of their music sounds the same, and two of Hall & Oates’s biggest hits were on the radio when I was first absorbing music that was new (more of that when we get to 1982).  It may be because they are musically inoffensive, yet often more intelligent than their peers.  I can’t explain it.

And “Wait For Me” doesn’t help me explain it.  This is about as pedestrian as a pop song can get without actually pandering to its audience; right down to the insipid la-la-las, this song is doing everything it can to be musical margarine; it doesn’t add all that much to your environment and it won’t stick to your ribs, but it sure helps everything go down more smoothly.  So, is it great?  No.  Is it OK?  Sure. Did it deserve to go to #18?  Heck no!  But it’s fair filler between actually good singles in the Hall & Oates catalogue, even if it means we have to wait until mid-1981 to actually hear those.

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