The secret to the secret

Lobo Holding OnOn 2 February, 1980, “Holdin’ on for Dear Love” by Lobo peaked at #75.

Lobo is the guy who wrote and performed “Me and You and a Dog Named Boo“, which apparently isn’t a serious enough offense to get you locked away for life.  If I were president, believe me, it would be.  If you aren’t familiar with it it’s the kind of aw-shucks small-town nostalgia song in which people do mildly illegal things, like hitch-hiking and stealing eggs, and live care-free among the simple kind people of America as if the world of John Steinbeck still existed in 1974.

But I’m not here to talk about me, you, or a dog named Boo.  I’m here to talk about “Holdin’ on for Dear Love“, in which we get trite down-home advice about romance.  How do you keep love from fading?  The secret to the secret is to love and never stop, preferably to a saxophone solo that sounds like a puddle of olive oil and a key change that announces yet one more chorus.  Yeah, but how, Mr. Lobo, How do I keep loving and never stopping?  His answer to that:  “When you lose that magic, you lose everything.”  I know that!  What kind of useless advice are you peddling, mister?  Instead of a paean to hope and faith, this is a recipe for misery and disaster.

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