Did you ever see a man with no heart?

Gamma I'm Alive.pngOn 2 February, 1980, “I’m Alive” by Gamma peaked at #60.

I’d never heard of Gamma before this week, and I expected them to be a rockin’ band that was trying to grab onto the new-wave sound without actually being new wave.  Based on “I’m Alive“, that’s exactly what they are.  As the song itself goes, there’s not much to it.  It’s a pretty straight-forward rock song about a guy who has been liberated spiritually by the girl of his dreams.  What’s “special”, at least by the standards of February of 1980, is the sci-fi sound effects Gamma sprinkles liberally into their track, from the robot-like voice filter responses to the vocal hooks in the chorus to the space-age fade at the end that promises more to come.  Listening now, it sounds like a hodge-podge mess that barely holds together, lacking smooth transitions among verses, chorus, and guitar solo.  But at the time, this must have been something of a mild revelation, inspiring greater things.

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