Car won’t start; out of gas

pleasure-glide-fantasy-bellaphonOn 2 February, 1980, Glide” by Pleasure peaked at #55.

It’s February of 1980 and your friend says, “Hey, there’s this new song you have to hear.  It’s ‘Glide‘ by this group called Pleasure.”  Now, chances are you’ve never heard of this band, because this is the first time they’ve been on the Hot 100, and they’ve scraped along in their particular genre chart, but despite never having heard of them, I’m pretty sure you’d have guessed that Pleasure is a slick funk group.  Maybe you aren’t sure whether the lead singers are male or female, but you’re not going to be particularly surprised when your friend puts it on and you feel like doing the electric slide.

What may be surprising is the fact that despite being nearly seven minutes long, all you get is one ambiguous verse about the perils of driving a clunker in the city, and then a lot of steamy sounding dudes singing “glide” over an admittedly pretty good funk backing track.  My guess is that the guys in Pleasure were willing to take a back seat to the pretty good music in order to get on board the emerging break dancing fad.  If you can’t imagine a troupe of urban youths spinning and breaking to this, then you have absolutely no soul and have no business listening to “Glide” to begin with.  Anyway, that’s all I’ve got… it’s surprisingly good disco fodder.

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