While Reagan Slept is a blog about every song to have hit the US Billboard Hot 100 chart in the 1980s.  I will write about them in the order they peaked, from #100 on 1 January 1980 to #1 on 31 December 1989.  When a song spends multiple weeks at its peak, I will count its peak date as the last date it spent at the peak position.  I will also only write about a song once, even if it has multiple peaks or chart appearances.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. This is a mammoth undertaking but obviously one you are are prepared for – full of admiration! Looking forward to the posts about songs that have special meaning for me. Not all of your songs will have appeared in the UK Charts but a very substantial overlap – I will continue to write randomly but been fascinating how one post leads on to another. Learnt a lot since starting out in January.


    1. Oh, Alfie, I wish I were prepared for this. I’ve been doing this since October and I still haven’t gotten past January 1980. And I’m waiting, too, for songs that have special meaning for me. Still, I’m learning a lot too, and I’m having fun with it. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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      1. Not too late to change tack – I started off in January calling my blog The Jukebox Time Machine, tried to write daily and picked songs randomly. I ended up changing the name quite early on, am now writing weekly and follow a thread as opposed to writing randomly – Am enjoying it much more that way. Good luck anyway.


  2. Love your blog and am learning a lot (don’t know what I was doing when these songs came out in my youth but I obviously wasn’t listening to them properly). You are a man (?) of mystery however and as this is obviously a pet project you are probably not looking to find lots of followers and/or publicise it much. I am never sure whether comments are encouraged or not however so feel free to tell me to “back off” – I will get why, honest. Will continue to read your posts with my husband whatever, as he also appreciates the insight (and the snarkiness). Sorry to use your About page to get in touch but the only way I think – Please delete this one and the above after reading as it will tidy up your page – I do if anyone uses it this way. Looking forward to your next post.


    1. Comments are definitely encouraged — it’s nice to know someone’s reading and interested enough to comment. I’m glad you’re enjoying and only regret I can’t write these entries faster.


    2. And you probably missed a lot of these songs because you’re in Britain. I wish the US charts looked more like the British charts — I’d much rather be listening to Depeche Mode and Japan.


      1. Thanks – Yes we had some pretty good stuff throughout the 80s. Ok will carry on leaving the odd comment but even if I don’t I just wanted you to know that we do read your posts and enjoy them because with blogging you just never know really and it always makes it more worthwhile if you know there is someone out there!


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