Smiling in the night

EW&F StarOn 19 January, 1980, “Star by Earth, Wind, and Fire peaked at #64.

Another song about a star, and, dipping back a bit, another funk song.  Earth, Wind, and Fire are a little more adventurous than your standard funk band, and “Star” is a good example of how.  “Star” is perky and upbeat.  It makes you want to dance, but it doesn’t tell you exactly how to.  The beat’s a little choppy, the vocal delivery is certainly unorthodox, what with its speedy delivery and unusual willingness unnatural pauses in the middles of phrases, and the pace is faster than a stroll, but slower than disco.  It’s a hopeful, happy song, too, talking about how the stars are playful but beneficent.  My only complaint is that it doesn’t sound like the stargazing the singers are singing about.  When they’re singing about how they can feel the dark, I keep feeling that the music is bright and sunny.  So nothing offensive here, just a mismatch between the lyrics and the content of the song.